Do you wonder what it is to work with me as your coach? Before making a decision, I give you the opportunity to see if coaching is for you and if we would get along in a coaching relationship.


You have 2 options:

1. Your vision for your health.

Together, we will discover what is your vision for your health, what are the positive and negatives aspects of it, why you are not there yet, how it will impact you, your life and your family and how to get there.

2. Experience a coaching session: What is really stopping you and how to transform your body legacy.

Are you afraid to lose the weight or to live a healthy lifestyle because :

- you don't want to stand out? What if people start noticing you?

- you might become too sexy or attractive?

- you're afraid you or your loved ones won't like the person you will become?

- you think it will be too difficult to maintain and you can't do it (even though others can)?

- or?

I'll help you understand what’s underneath in your relationship with your body and change the old story (that usually comes from your family of origins) for a new, positive, empowering one.




No strings attached!
If we decide that working together is the next step, I will let you know the different options.

If not, you will leave with some powerful new insights!
Contact me by email or by Messenger or book directly with my online calendar here.
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Emmanuelle Burelli, Plant-Based Health Coach