My services:

- individual Health Coaching programs for women willing to lose weight and regain energy + vitality while eating more plants.

- one-on-one coaching for individuals with chronic diseases (diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease) whose doctor recommended a lifestyle change. 

- small group Health Coaching program

- Plant-Based Nutrition, Holistic Health workshops - ateliers sur l'alimentation végétale et la santé

- tous mes services et programmes sont aussi disponibles en français



My Story

I wasn't always feeling good like I am now. I was like you at one point: tired, drained by a poor diet and lifestyle, feeling stuck, uninspired, experiencing low levels of energy, confused about food, gaining a few pounds every year (and feeling bad about it!), taking care of others while neglecting my own needs. It wasn't working. I am now enjoying my late forties with a strong feeling of purpose and aliveness, feeding my body whole food that gives me the most energy (thriving on whole plants only!), being active in a way that feels pleasurable and natural, as well as cultivating appreciation and gratitude every day. I also learned to listen to my body and my intuition. It didn't happen overnight, and, really, it is a journey. It resulted from meeting the right people at the right time, reading, learning, stretching myself and being coached by powerful coaches. I'm passionate about guiding you in your own journey to discovering how vibrant and alive you can be. By transforming your health, you'll transform your life!
A few more things about me: I grew up in Belgium and moved to Canada at the age of 25. After living in Quebec, in the Yukon and in British Columbia, I will make a last temporary stop in Ontario in the Summer of 2024 until I can move permanently to the US to live with my Plant-Based husband.

For the last 25 years, my work included educating about health and nutrition, providing support to women in different non-profit agencies and government programs (including the Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program), and as an educator from K to 12 in public schools. Since 2017, I've also been working as a professional Health Coach with individuals and groups, in person and online.

In my spare time, I love to travel, spend time cooking and eating with my family, watch videos, summits and documentaries about Health, Nutrition, Lifestyle and Spirituality, walk in nature (planning on walking the Camino de Santiago with my husband in the near future), swim, practice Yoga and Barre at home, learn how to cook new plant-based recipes and write in my vast collection of journals and notebooks.

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Dietetics, several coaching certificates (Health, Life, Transformational Coaching from the Health Coach Institute) and a Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from eCornell University. I am also trained in trauma-informed care.

While working together, we will connect by Zoom, so we can meet from anywhere in the world. We can also meet in person if we happen to be in the same place at the same time.

Tous mes programmes de coaching sont disponibles en français, y compris des programmes de groupe qui regroupent des francophones de partout.


I offer coaching packages, for individuals and small groups, online from the comfort of your home.

Let's get in touch! We will first chat on the phone or on Zoom so you can tell me about your needs, then we can decide if my services are a right fit for you.



text/WhatsApp : 604-223-1272


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I could probably say that the program that Emmanuelle guided me through truly changed my life. That might sound cliche, but it is how I feel. It seems like I didn't have to change anything and so much has changed. The program had all these small steps, divided in 12 sessions, that slowly, little by little helped me to make a huge change by small day to day changes. For those who follow through with the program and put their all effort, it's very effective. It made me realize that all these issues I had with food were only because I was unhappy. So Emmanuelle helped me to see all the small details that needed fixing in order to change my perspective and become a positive person, that I always was but did not know about. So I am always grateful for the road that I was shown. Life is full now.

— JB

Before I started working with a health coach, I was overwhelmed with life issues and life felt meaningless to me. I kept feeling like I'm a loser because I'm not where I want to be in life as far as a career goes. I kept feeling hopeless and letting life pass me by without making any changes. I'm a spiritual person and always praying for help. I'm a real estate agent and a domestic violence speaker. I been dealing with diabetes for over 30 years I developed nerve damage and this was a wake up call for me to make changes in my health. I'm a big Netflix fan and I came across a documentary called "Forks Over Knives". After I watched the documentary, I understood that the foods I'm eating was the root cause of my health problems. For years I been feeding my diabetes the right foods to keep me on big pharma radar. I decided to go plant based but needed help. I researched many health coaches and came across a Health Coach named Emmanuelle, who is plant based certified. I knew choosing the right health coach was important to me and my health. Throughout the coaching process were many aha moments and action steps plans. She helped me to realize what is important to me and to go after it, or make the change. She had me to do weekly action steps which for me consist of exercising 3 times a week, drinking plenty of water and cooking a plant based meal. These action steps will change week to week depending on what you want to focus on changing or adding. This system held me accountable and I’m very proud to say that I completed each action step with great results. I was excited and nervous at the same time to complete each action step, which took me out of my comfort zone and took me to unfamiliar territory, whether it was cooking, domestic violence speaking engagements or doing something different to attract home buyers. I had to step out from a familiar place and do something I never had to do before in each area. I stopped procrastinating and bought a plant based cookbook and started meal prepping every week. I stopped acting like a victim and started acting like a winner and telling myself I will become a professional speaker and attract home buyers. I started speaking life into myself and diabetes will not take my life. Everything she done was to help me to see my potential to live a healthy lifestyle. In order to tackle the big goals is to accomplish the small ones. I have my fitness and nutrition goals hanging up to remind me why I am doing this and it is to live a healthy lifestyle as I possibly can. Emmanuelle is a genuine coach who cares about people and want to see them happy by achieving their goals in life. I recommend her services to anyone who is ready to hold themselves accountable and want to see a transformation take place. Take the 1st action step and reach out to an awesome health coach. She was GOD sent. Thank you Emmanuelle.

— SS

Setting you up for Success!

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